Re: Mark Pesce: nanotech on Art Bell - broadcast is encoded and

From: Russell Whitaker (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 13:32:50 MDT

Interesting point, but it fails to take into account
that Art Bell's show is syndicated live
worldwide in more markets than any other AM
(mediumwave) show - or, for that matter, any other
radio show of any type in history - and is thus
for that reason alone a _very_ attractive soapbox.

Let me put it this way: if _you_ were offered 4 hours
on a worldwide radio show where the radio host, no
matter his personal views (Art Bell, in this case),
gave you an opportunity to talk about something you
love, and treated you in a consistently gentlemanly
manner, would _you_ turn it down?

Judging a man
by the company he keeps is not a 100% reliable
personality assessment metric, by the way,
_especially_ when someone is trying to step
outside his or her comfort zone and convince
strangers of something they'd not previously

It's worth noting that a large number of good,
non-flaky scientists have indeed done just that,
using Art Bell's show as a soapbox.

The 2.5 hours I heard of Mark Pesce's 4.0 hour
appearance were a remarkable performance. I've
not heard the first 1.5 hours but, if they're
anything like the latter hours, I must congratulate
Mark on a job well done. I've done - in the distant
past before I swore off it - radio, TV, newspaper,
and magazine interviews. It's a hard job. Doing
it for 4 hours - and doing it well - is an

Mark is a transhumanist, not an extropian (his words
to me in email), but the bulk of what he said is what
of us might have said if we were as practiced as
Mark. This is a "credit where credit is due" issue.


--- "L. Turetsky" <> wrote:
> What does being featured on Art Bell's show say
> about nanotech? (For
> the record, I've heard OF the show, but have never
> actually heard it.
> What I've heard OF it is pretty much what Russell
> wrote: "marginal or
> outright kooky themes".)
> We are, after all, judged by the company we keep...
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