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Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 22:00:05 MDT

I'm pleased to announce that my latest science fiction novel, TRANSCENSION,
has just been bought by Tor Books in New York. At this stage I don't know
when it will appear--not for another year, I'd expect, given the
sluggishness of paper publication.

Although the novel will [probably] appear with only my name on the cover,
it includes substantial chunks drafted by Rory Barnes and Barbara Lamar
(who naturally are acknowledged in the book and share in the royalties),
and epigraphs by Eugene Leitl and Eliezer Yudkowsky.

Without giving too much away, the novel deals with life following the
emergence of a seed AI based on a cryonically suspended brain, in a world
throttled to a large extent by the strictures of the Joyous Relinquishment.

More news when publication is imminent.

Meanwhile, of course, you can download the revised version of THE DREAMING
(and you know I was just kidding about the Hoagland/Antarctic connection,
don't you? Don't you?) at

The blurb they have listed is pretty munged. It should, and will, read like


In this novel specially updated for Fictionwise by the author, an
anthropologist travels to the central Australian desert to search for
the source of an aboriginal myth. He is astonishing to find the source of
the terrible "Rainbow Serpent" deep beneath the sacred Uluru rock
formations, now the site of a top-secret military project. The apparently
holographic "Gate" he discovers with his nephew leads not just to the
origin of a legend, but to the origin of humanity and the true fate of the
dinosaurs, in an escalating series of conceptual breakthroughs that
shockingly revises everything we have ever believed about humankind. 1980
Memorial Award Runner Up; 1981Ditmar Award Winner (Best Australian Long
Fiction); Year's Best SF Pick

Damien Broderick

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