Re: CRYO: "Ischemia" vs. "Reversibly dead"

Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 15:28:10 MDT

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<< I suggest a choice among the following terms:
 "Happy Sleep" (positive and uplifting)
 "Pseudodead" (an unHappy medium)
 "Cryoslumber" (taking a page from conventional funerology)
 "Undead" (nasty vampish connotation, however--though with Noni as
 Minavamp, you might want to count me in)
 "Popsicle" (implying that, while presently frozen, the stiff may be
 thawed and enjoyed at some future time; doubly effective when
 freezing Dad)
 jm >>
I believe Arthur C. Clarke used "hyper-sleep" in his Songs From Distant
Earth". Lets find something a little more lyrical, perhaps.
Supernal Sleep (what the heck, it sounds like something Poe or Lovecraft
Sleeping Beauty (hey its got a happy ending!)
Quest-Dreaming (The quest is the future)
Sleep of Healing (its not the sleep , its the awakening that counts)
Soul's Quest (Ain't gonna quest too much if'n the body is dead)
Dream of Time (Thank You George Zebrowski)


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