Re: TECH: What happened to all those displaced Dot-comers... in LA

From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 09:26:31 MDT

didn't anyone read the article on dot com sex? I think there will be a
great fit here


At 03:12 PM 04/23/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>Who would've thought there would be such a market for flabby,
>fluorescent tanned geeks....:>
>It wasn't too long ago when porn executives faced many recruiting
>challenges. One of the biggest, they say, had been matching promises of
>stock-option bonanzas and early retirement by Internet firms.
>But that was more than a year ago, before the NASDAQ tanked and dot-coms
>collapsed. The fallout has been a boon for adult entertainment, Vivid
>Entertainment Group President Bill Asher said.
>"At least I know my paycheck isn't going to bounce," said Jon, 25, who
>asked that his last name be withheld. Jon told the Times that he jumped
>take a Web designer job at Vivid after he was laid off last winter from
>Angeles music start-up ArtistDirect Inc.
>The company, which makes up to six adult videos a month and recently
>expanded its online team, says that 35 percent of its technical staff
>from the dot-com world.
>Jon now spends eight hours a day digitally covering up female nipples
>the company's front-page, which entices visitors to pay for the full
>show. "My mom would kill me if she knew," he said.

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