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Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 01:02:09 MDT

Mark Walker wrote

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> Great tunes! I think 'Alive' is my favourite on first listen through.

Lee Corbin wrote:
'Alive' really **is** extropian music. It's amazing that the
words "i WILL never die" could be so effectively put to music.
It'll probably be nominated as the Cryonics International
Anthem... ---ooops! Scratch that; bad acronym.

Also, the Australian accents are a bonus, making it sound
like something from The Road Warrior. They should make a
music video of it, and get Mel Gibson to synch the words.

Lee Corbin


Thanks for that, Lee. Yes, I wasn't joking about the extropian angle.

Also, Wild Child and Fallen both have >H themes (although the former is a little more irreverant).

The whole album has a thread running through it about necessary change, and the realities of the good and bad parts of that change. I feel that all of it is relevant to the greater ideals of extropianism (optimism, dynamism); particularly, the issues of loss as well as gain that can arise from this philosophy. It takes proactivity, fortitude, bloody-mindedness, and an ability to deal with sorrow, to follow the path of dynamism, and maintain your optimistic outlook.

I posted the original message about the album on the weekend. So I'll take this opportunity to say to those who didn't see it yet, to * go have a look now!*

Many of you will be reading this at work, and while you may have held off downloading over your sad modem connection at home, you may still feel guilty about hogging your employer's high-bandwidth link for personal use. I want to reassure you that this is the noblest of uses for those bits. Anyway, either you saturate the link by downloading damned fine mp3s, or the guys in marketting download div-x encoded pr0n all day. Also, listening to fine music may just reduce your stress levels and so lengthen your life by that all important extra little bit, helping you to make it to future life extension technologies, or to get to the Singularity.

So download a song right now, in the knowledge that, not only is it noble to do so, it is in your enlightened self interest!


(damn, I didn't realise my accent came through. Sheesh.)

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