Re: Flynn Effect explained?

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 00:05:36 MDT

Damien Broderick wrote:

> Now, using a knife, a clean room, scrubbed staff and a whiff of
> anaesthesia, we open the phase space. Praise Caesar!

When Caesar was born via C-section, did they save his mother?
Does anyone know without looking it up on the web? No significance
in the context of the discussion, just curious.

> ... it must have had no overwhelming
> advantage in our classic evolutionary environment; today it has only a
> *neutral* impact, or worse, if it really does conduce to smaller `selfish'
> family size. Damien Broderick

It sure seems like it, does it not? The brainiest people I know
seem to stop breeding after siring a single larva. spike

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