Re: New large cryonics facility/theme park planned

From: john grigg (
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 20:17:15 MDT

I knew about the Timeship idea, but what is this about a THEMEPARK??? I was
blown out of my chair upon reading this!

Are we going to have rollercoasters and other rides for people to thrill on?
  Sorry, I suppose I should have said "cryocoaster" or "timecoaster!" If
Saul Kent is smart(and he sure is) there will be a ride where people travel
into the future and see just how incredible it will be. And how surely they
need to sign up for cryonics to really make it...

I can imagine people in costumes going around to play with children. "Hey,
Tommy, isn't that the adorable Nano, the molecular assembler-toon over there
by the cotton candy booth?"

Will the restaurants there have a cryonics theme? Now, that could really be
interesting. See the chef take your food out of suspension to cook it up
just the way you like it!

And think of all the merchandising! Snack foods, toys of every sort, lunch
boxes and of course in time a Saturday-morning cartoon! The advertising for
this themepark will solidly put cryonics on a subliminal level into the mind
of the American public.

I am not mocking the idea here, simply having a little fun. I think Saul
Kent and Will Faloon are onto something here which worked out pretty damn
well for a certain Mr. Walt Disney(sadly not in cryostasis!).

I read how someone on the list felt the Timeship should be the center of an
actual religion! I would very much disagree with this idea. I do see the
news media possibly calling it a temple of fringe science or secular
humanism. But, we should leave the religious connotation at that! Mixing
religion and cryonics in the U.S. could have very ugly and explosive results
which really backfire on us.

The thing which does make me very sad here is to see Alcor so desperate to
raise the necessary funds to upgrade their personnel and equipment so
whole-body vitrification can become a reality. I could really feel Fred
Chamberlain's sense of need as I read the latest issue of Cryonics magazine.
  A few million at the most would utterly turn Alcor around for the better
while ironically many million will be spent elsewhere in a way which will
take quite a number of years to see fruition.

I realize Saul Kent and Will Faloon have every right to spend their money
how they see fit. I am DEEPLY GRATEFUL to them for the vast support they
have given to cryonics and Alcor in particular. But, I just hope they will
remember Alcor as this interim program moves forward.

I know not just they but everyone needs to do their part to contribute and
they must feel this way to an extent. It's just that the odds of people put
in suspension being fully restored to life would go up astronomically if
this program were quickly implemented.

best wishes,

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