Re: Webmind Inc. goes bankrupt; help sought creating successor firm continuing "real AI" development

From: Anne Marie Tobias (
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 13:02:26 MDT

Hi Ben,

I wanted to say a few things... First I am profoundly impressed with your
work, and would love to talk to you more about your engine. I've been
thinking about the cognitive layers/components/structures of a sentient mind
for a long time and I'd love to compare notes with you...

That said, I did something... I just shot a letter off to the CEO of my
company. I work currently for Interwoven. The company is the premiere
Web Content Management software available on the market today, and
I think your search engine would be an absolutely amazing addition to the
suite of products growing in our stable.

If all goes well, you may receive contact from Martin Braun (our CEO)
over the next few days, and with any luck, something sweet may come of
the interaction. I'm crossing my fingers, I want your work to procede, and
if this doesn't do it, I want to be there when you pick up the pieces and
again. I don't know what role I can take in supporting this, but I'll do what-

ever is needed to support this. Your work is too important.

Marie Tobias
(831) 335-5782 H.
(408) 530-5939 W.

"May you live in interesting times..."
"May you come to the attention of your superiors..."
"May you receive everything you wish for."

-- Three great Ancient Chinese curses

Ben Goertzel wrote:

> Greetings Extropian Beings...
> It's been a while. I was briefly subscribed to this list a couple years
> ago, an interval during which I managed to irritate a number of you by
> arguing for the compatibility of transhumanism and democratic socialism...
> Well, I've been spending the last few years, not thinking about social
> theory, but building a thinking machine. We're about 3/4 done, but we've
> run out of money. We're trying to get more!
> A fuller version of the "Webmind Inc." story may be found at
> I know that this list is not supposed to be used for solicitations of
> business. But, this is not really a solicitation of business, it's a
> solicitation of group creative problem-solving. Also, I think some of the
> lessons I've learned in working on Webmind Inc. and the Webmind AI Engine
> for the last 3 years may be of some value to some of you folks, who are
> trying in your own ways to work toward grand transhuman visions, in this
> conservative, rarely forward-looking world...
> Ben

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