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Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 08:09:57 MDT

From: "John Clark" <>

>>Damien Broderick <> Wrote:

>>Force experts got their first close-up took at Russia's
>>first-line fighter aircraft-and what they saw impressed them.

>As I recall they were not all that impressed. Yes, it was faster
>than anything the USA had at the time but it maneuvered like a
>truck not a sports car and it was heavy, very heavy, thus it had
>an extremely short range; the Bozos made it out of steel not
>titanium. Whatreally flabbergasted them was forget integrated
>circuits or even transistors, the avionics used vacuum tubes! Even
>in 1976 that was archaic.

As any high end stereophile can tell you, tubes can do things
neither transistors nor integrated circuits can do, it has to do
with the total numbers of electrons involved with the large surface
area of the collectors. Sync-slew rate amongst others.

Those boxes proved highly resistant to conventional ECM protocols,
and new protocols were developed, or so I heard....

I wasn't surprised at all by the Chinese treatment of the plane, in
fact after the MIG-25 precedent it's exactly what I expected. The
power move would have been to get the crew out of there
immediately, by commercial air/first class would have been a slick
trick. Then when asked about the plane they could have smiled
enigmatically and merely said. "You will get it back."

I still remain perplexed at exactly why the pilot landed it there,
either he broke protocol, (unlikely) or the plane isn't all that
secretive, or we thought we had a better understanding with China.

After all China also conducts these flights.


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