Re: Flynn Effect explained?

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Apr 22 2001 - 21:46:49 MDT

> At 03:34 PM 4/22/01 -0700, Spike Jones wrote:
> >I must have missed something. What is un-PC about this argument?
> "J. Goard" wrote: His notion...was that an those who hold to an absurd
> extreme of
> PC-ness will reactly negatively to any correlation between intelligence and
> any biological attribute whatsoever.

I could see denying correlation between intelligence any biological
attribute *other than head size.* It would be entertaining indeed
to listen to the absurdly PC arguing there is no correlation between
brain size and intelligence. {8^D

This whole idea is growing on me, perhaps because two of
my closest friends would no longer be with us, had we lived
in a world without surgery. They both attempted vaginal
deliveries and both failed because the babies heads were
too big. The medics said without C-sections, likely both
mothers and their larvae would have perished.

It is not at all difficult for me to imagine that in times past,
the 2-sigma bigheads expired, taking their mothers
with them. Very suddenly, that factor has been removed,
and perhaps that can account for at least *some* of the
theorized increased IQ of the proletariat. spike

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