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>Subject: Re: New large cryonics facility/theme park planned
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>E. Shaun Russell wrote,
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>>Subject: Re: New large cryonics facility/theme park planned
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>>I have known about this project for some time through Bill Faloon and
>>sources. It will indeed be a legitimate enterprise and I wish Bill, Saul
>>and the others involved the best of fortunes with it. Personally, I think
>>it may be a case of putting the cart before the horse --I am optimistic
>>about the future of cryonics, but for a building with a 10,000 patient
>>capacity, I am not so certain whether or not now is the best time to
>>such a project. Still, I am also aware that the effective creation of a
>>facility of this size should add a lot of credibility to the field of
>>Since the timeframe for TimeShip to be operating is about six years away,
>>is possible that given enough marketing, cryonics will be palatable to
>>enough people that the facility will be useful and even necessary. It is,
>>however, a bit of a leap of faith, and one which I hope is effective.
>>In the meantime, it is my hope that more people become willing to do more
>>the field of cryonics than is currently being done. The best way to
>>that TimeShip launches effectively is to help lay the groundwork.
>Frankly, I don't understand why the people who run cryonics organizations
>make the decisions they do. E.g., Alcor has no money budgeted for remote
>standbys, yet it's trying to raise $200,000 for "marketing."

I suspect that most of the people behind this timeship idea would indeed
rather put that kind of money into research. But maybe they think that since
certain rich cryos have not yet funded any of our current/previous research
ventures, that they might be able to get them to loosen their pursestrings
via another channel.

Although the Timeship would not be as good for cryonics as $100 M pumped
into research, it might do the trick anyway. These people are very much
interested in making cryonics work, and one way is as good as another. So if
we can get the funding, I say let's build the temple, and develop a pseudo
religion, if need be; and the money from dues will come in, and we can spend
that on research.

>This Timeship scheme reminds me of a "new country" project a young
>libertarian brainiac in cryonics was plugging in the early 1990's. He
>wasted a lot of cryonicists' time with it, yet it went nowhere.

Eric Klien & Oceana. Whatever happened to him, anyway?

>I'd rather
>that cryonics organizations concentrate on (a) staying financially solid,
>and (b) improving the biomedical credibility of the procedure through
>vitrification research and better response capabilities for members who
>deanimate suddenly. The cryonics bunker realistically shouldn't be
>considered all that urgent until the basic technological problems in
>stabilizing human brains have been solved.

But if it does the grenbacks trick, then that is really all that matters.

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>Mark Plus, Expansionary
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