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Date: Sun Apr 22 2001 - 17:36:54 MDT

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>Subject: ECON/TECH: Chip of Fools
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>April 18, 2001
>Chip of Fools


I might add that another aspect of reality that the "New Economy" cult has
neglected over the last decade involves the importance of maintaining the
infrastructure, including the power grid. Somehow, whether from the idea
that information technology makes matter "economically irrelevant," or from
the general taxophobic and anti-government climate of the times, we've
allowed the artifactual support structure of our civilization to decay to a
dangerous level.

It became clear that the Roman Empire was declining when it gave up on
maintaining its roads, bridges and aqueducts. I hope our current problems
are not the result of comparable social weakness.

Trans-millennially yours,

Mark Plus, Expansionary
"Working to make religion and death obsolescent in the 21st Century."

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