Flynn Effect explained?

From: Charlie Stross (
Date: Sun Apr 22 2001 - 07:51:32 MDT


>Analyses of IQ tests show that people are getting rapidly more
>intelligent, or at least getting higher scores. Average scores have risen
>by 27 points in the UK since 1942 and 24 points in the US since 1918,
>with comparable gains across the world. This so-called 'Flynn effect',
>first discovered in 1987, has until now baffled psychologists. However,
>a study in the Psychological Review of the American Psychological
>Association claims that a more stimulating environment and genetic
>inheritance interact in a virtuous circle to make people far smarter. The
>authors, Bill Dickens and James Flynn (who first discovered the effect),
>reckon the rise is partly caused by improved education.
>But more important is a stimulating environment, which makes people think
>more, prompting them to choose yet more stimulation. The smarter you are,
>the more likely you are to enjoy books, puzzles and challenging jobs. That
>in turn gets your brain working more and you choose even higher levels
>of stimulation in a virtuous circle of intelligence. 'Higher IQ leads
>one to better environments, causing still higher IQ,' said the report.

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