questions on HGH; Greying hair; GHRP-6

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Date: Sun Apr 22 2001 - 06:36:08 MDT

Hi again Extropians,

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(i) Does anyone have bona fide info on the routine use of Human Growth
Hormone injections as an antiageing therapy?

I've been to many sites and I seem to detect too much hype (either pro or

(ii) Does anyone have info on the mechanism of greying of human hair with
age? I know of a mouse model where the downmodulation of a melanocytic
catalase isoenzyme causes too much free radical attack within the
melanocyte - severely impairing/killing it.

(iii) Lastly, has anyone tried or attempted to try those hexapeptides of the
GHRP-6 family as oral GH releasers?



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