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From: James J. Hughes (
Date: Sat Apr 21 2001 - 00:03:51 MDT

> * Lee Corbin <> [010419 20:37]:
> > As a point of historical curiousity, I would like to
> > know from any of the people who have been on this
> > list continuously for more than five years, when
> > did anti-capitalists become a significant presence?

I participated in the extropy list back in 1993-1994 as an out democratic
socialist, and eventually got flamed off. I've come back since the founding
of the World Transhumanist Association, whose founding documents were
significantly less doctrinaire, both politically and in technophilia. I
think the space for a more diverse politics with >human circles appears to
be getting broader as the ideas spread beyond the core demographic of
affluent, white American males aged 25-40 (within which I also fit), who
have a weakness for the politics of selfishness, and a studied ignorance of
inequality and oppression.

By the way, I do a radio show, Changesurfer Radio, where I try to explore a
radical democratic transhumanist approach: Trying to do my part to
reawaken the older tradition of techno-utopianism of the left.

J. Hughes "Why do we need to pay for things?"
Changesurfer Radio Tristan Bock-Hughes, 5

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