Re: Made in China

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 21:27:14 MDT

Brian D Williams wrote:

> But the Chinese government is having a grand old time broadcasting
> propaganda to it's people about us, propaganda I was suprised to
> see the people so readily believing. ...

Ive wondered about this. The story about the lumbering C3
swerving into the path of an agile fighter was simply so absurd
I never commented on it. Turns out the morons are sticking
with that story. I heard it repeated today by a Chinese
government official.

Nowthen please, some of you who have little or no familiar-
ization with nor interest in aircraft, does that story sound as
stupid to you as it does to me?

These people who are famous for their cultural value
of wanting to save face, well, what the hell is that story
about? Do they not realize how ludicrous they appear?
Do they think the world is dumb enough to believe it?
Honestly, it sounds like something I might post on
extropians to entertain my friends by intentionally making
myself look silly {except it wouldn't be about aircraft or
spacecraft. I try to at least pretend I know what Im talking
about in those areas}. spike

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