Re: ULE: covert vs overt

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 20:36:47 MDT

Anders Sandberg wrote:

> If the libertarians are the only one demanding openness, accountability
> and transparency, then of course nothing will happen -

In the case of transparency, something *will* happen: more and
smaller cameras everywherer. {Thats my new word: everywherer-
meaning more ubiquitous.} This is regardless of who advocates
what. There is no way to legislate them away, any more than we
can command the tide to fall back into the sea. I see the job of
libertarians to demand increasing permissiveness and acceptance
in anticipation of the million electronic eyes that are now in the
design phase. What else can we do? Pass a law that engineers
must stop designing tiny cameras?

A most vexing problem is this. We are already at the point where
we cannot be *sure* of privacy in any public restroom, or any
hotel room. Current cameras are easy to hide. So in a sense
we are alread there: we cannot really be sure we are not being
watched or listened to, even now.

> everybody knows
> they are weird gun nuts, and now apparently camera nuts too ;-)

You are right Anders. My own little town of Milpitas has a
public example of a camera nut: he hid a camera in the womens
restroom of his dental office, videotaped for who knows how
long and was found out only because he was an idiot, not
because the camera was discovered. If him, why not others?
The local dentist advertised to other camera nuts what can be
done. You know there must be thousands of these devices
already in place. spike

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