Re: Made in China

Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 14:36:00 MDT

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>>But the "they" that will pay are almost entirely those innocent of
>>keeping the spy plane/crew. Isn't a basic tenet of morality
>>around here that you don't punish the innocent?
>American citizens are blamed/punished/killed all the time for the
>actions of the U.S government.

Indeed. That's wrong too. I assume you don't consider such
terrorist groups a moral paradigm, right?

>But the Chinese government is having a grand old time broadcasting
>propaganda to it's people about us, propaganda I was suprised to
>see the people so readily believing.

Gosh, the US gov would *never* do anything like that. No, they would
*never*, say, grossly exagerate murders committed by Iraqis or Serbs.
They would *never* understate dubious activity by those saintly
freedom fighters in Afghanistan.
And if they did, goodness, we all know the US public is quite immune
to nonsense like creationism and the drug hysteria.

>Sorry, but if you or your
>government talk bad about me, I don't trade with you.

Well, that's a real problem - the US gov certainly says bad things
about good people too. You're not going to trade with US citizens

>You may wish to note that I am personally boycotting China (and
>encouraging others) I am not calling for government action on a

Right; I was under no impression you wished to force, say, me to
join your boycott.

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