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Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 13:29:33 MDT


On Wed, 18 Apr 2001, John Marlow wrote:

> Hey, I'm a techfan, and even I am very conflicted about this. Very,
> very conflicted. This is going to explode. Maybe not over the
> lampreys--but wait 'til they get to the cute-and-fuzzies. It's going
> to get violent.

It sure will... as angry parents fight it out at the pet store over who
gets to take home the last CyberPooch Deluxe they have in stock.

This is an interesting and useful experiment no more or less cruel
than what happens to millions of animals every day in labs,
slaughterhouses, animal shelters, and of course... by predators in
their natural environments.

Every day, and nobody gives a damn. It's when the status quo is about
to get overturned that people start reciting platitudes about ethics,
and responsibility and so on. If there will be a backlash against
this, let's all observe very closely. It will be the best case study
in the psychological processes underlying the animal rights, green,
anti-GM, and other luddite movements one can hope to have.

I know a person or two who could really use a new body made of harder
stuff. You know how many lampreys, or mice, or rats, or dogs I'd be
willing to sacrifice to help bring that dream closer to reality for

All of them. Every last one.

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