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Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 07:39:49 MDT


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>>But to answer your question I am boycotting goods made in China
>>as a result of the incident involving our EP-3 surveillance

>This falls back into the question of why harm random Chinese
>because a few Chinese who do things you think are wrong.
>Boycotting Chinese goods hurts Chinese workers, investors, (and
>corrupt officials), and, most of all, hurts you. The PRC army
>isn't going to be affected. Truthfully, there's not really
>anything you can do to hurt the PRC army. Sending computers to
>dissidents would be about the best you could manage. Or join

I don't trade with people I don't trust, period.

I doubt the people who instigated this have any idea of the depths
of the repercussions. I for one think completely differently about
China than I did a month ago.

If China suffers economic repercussions because of this perhaps the
people responsible will be singled out, or perhaps not, but things
have changed.

China doesn't produce anything I can't live without.

They will pay.


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