Re: what they're saying about THE SPIKE

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 22:27:47 MDT

> > Here's what one reader says about THE SPIKE on
> >
> > Reviewer: A reader from Berkeley, CA USA

Well, there ya go, thats the problem.


I cannot let this heap of insult lie unanswered. If the reviewer
wishes to compare The Spike with Clarke's Profiles, well,
I suppose there are worse things than being compared with
THE Arthur C. Clarke, eh?

But one thing that really should be pointed out about The Spike
is that it has a *shape* to it. The overall work *accelerates*
and for that reason it is clear that this is a technology story done
by a *real* literary talent. Now Clarke was a great technologist,
scientist, and sci-fi writer, but Profiles doesn't have that *shape*
to it.

In my own feeble attempts at fiction, I have tried to shape a
story, with nice smooth transitions. I have characters who
transition from one point of view to the opposite, and I try
to do it seamlessly, so it is impossible to tell exactly when
the characters transition.

The Spike builds and seamlessly approaches a climax. The
work itself is shaped like a spike. spike

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