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From: Robin Hanson (
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 08:40:21 MDT

Michael Lorrey wrote:
> > >Well, there's nothing a little campaign contribution can't fix...
> >
> > Little?! Care to estimate a specific dollar amount?
>State level legislative action is not that expensive (compared to
>federal lobbying). Focus money on the party heads and the members of the
>committees who will be considering such a proposal, somewhere around
>$500-1000 a head. Then 100-200 bucks to each legislator outside of those
>mentioned, and a few thou to the parties themselves. This is advice
>given to me several years ago by the Chief of Staff for a former
>president of the Washington State Senate, who was a friend of mine. He
>said that for minor issues like this, where an existing law gets a
>rather minor amendment to it, its rather easy to slide stuff on through.
>If you can get high tech industry groups to support such lobbying by a
>former local pol (i.e. an insider) such things can be achieved rather

So, ... can you add this up? Sounds like <$30,000 - that right?
What probability of success would you give for that amount?
And how do you know this is a "minor" law change?

Let's get real. If I gave you $50,000, what penalty would you agree
to pay me if you failed to get the bill passed? $100,000 perhaps?

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