Re: Anti-Capitalism

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 08:08:26 MDT

>From: Neal Blaikie <>

>You see anti-capitalists as a significant presence? Hmmm. How are
>you defining this? As someone who has only been on the list for
>about four months, I would say libertarianism is way dominant
>here, sometimes to the point of being intolerant of dissenting
>viewpoints. Since critical thinking is an important principle of
>extropianism, this has always seemed odd to me.

Socialism Vs Capitalism has been debated here many times, as have
been other dichotomous subjects. Anything appearing as intolerance
usually comes from long time list dwellers who've heard these same
arguments before.

It's kind of like the old joke about guys in prison: "One day these
guys are sitting around in prison and this new guy is sitting next
to an old timer, just then one of the prisoners yells out "432" and
everybody starts to laugh, "what's that about?" asks the newcomer
"Well, says the old timer, he just told a joke, you see we've been
here so long that we've heard all the jokes and just refer to them
by number." "Really?" asks the newcomer "sure, just watch" says the
old timer "261" he yells and everybody laughs. "Mind if I try it"
"No, go right ahead" "168" yells the newcomer, but nobody laughs.
"What happened he asks," "isn't 168 funny?" "Oh sure, old 168 is
one of the best" The old timer tells him "But you didn't tell it


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