Re: Capitalism, Private Property, etc (was Re: Sweatshops)

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 07:12:27 MDT

Mark Walker wrote:
> From: Michael Lorrey <>
> > The contradiction is that socialism decries the fact that the
> > corporation siphons a part of the laborers productive output to pay
> > management and capital, as if this confiscation is some sort of
> > injustice. It then goes on to presume that it is perfectly alright for
> > society to confiscate the productive output of the laborer. The best
> > arguments it can make for such confiscation hinge on 'repaying the past
> > generations' for the labor they invested in the current infrastructure,
> > while they ignore that this is the ENTIRE purpose for which the cost of
> > capital serves. Is this clear enough?
> >
> Yes, much better. Now I see the contradiction. My only niggling worry is
> that a socialists would see these acts as entirely different. The one is an
> unjust siphoning of wealth in the interest of the few--the capitalists, the
> other a just siphoning in the interest of all.

So it is, in fact, not principle we are talking about, but a looter

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