Re: Anti-Capitalism

From: KPJ (
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 02:57:38 MDT

It appears as if Lee Corbin <> wrote:
|As a point of historical curiousity, I would like to
|know from any of the people who have been on this
|list continuously for more than five years, when
|did anti-capitalists become a significant presence?

People who asserted views against freedom of personal ownership
appeared on the Extropians mailing list late - only in the last few
years in fact.

|It's a fact that early extropians tended very much
|towards libertarianism, no? When I was on the list
|in 1996, anti-capitalists were non-existant, so far
|as I saw.

The 1996 list had a number of people believing in PPL and related
topics, and very few interested in the main- stream political factions
of the day, discussions of which today infest the list ad nauseam. A
number of people on the 1996 list appeared to expect, or at least hope
for, the imminent elimination of government altogether (right-wing

Socialists use force to remove their opponents' power base.
Anarchists use cooperation to remove their opponents' power base.

Many, who previously called themselves Communists or Socialists, have
started calling themselves Anarchists after the fall of Communism.

Many Socialists have used this agitprop method to take over a competing
group in the past with success, among them the Bolsheviks. Such "anarchists"
state that right-wing Anarchism, esp. anarchocapitalism, "is" not true
Anarchism. I rest my case.

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