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lol... I liked it more than that...

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> Truth in advertising time.
> Here's what one reader says about THE SPIKE on
> Virtually Unreadable, March 27, 2001
> Reviewer: A reader from Berkeley, CA USA
> The ideas explored are fascinating, but the prose used to
> do the
> exploring is wildly uneven. While there are chunks here
> there that
> approach coherence, to a large extent the writing consists
> of a sort of
> manic hyper-caffeinated chattiness that at times verges on
> hysteria.
> Liberally peppered with irrelevant asides that careen from
> topic to
> topic without differentiating fact from wild speculation,
> the book is
> also repetitive and poorly edited. There's also an
> habit of
> taking commonly used terms and arbitrarily coining new
> names for
> them ("minting" for nanotech assembly, the titular "spike"
> for Vinge's
> singularity). The jacket blurb casts this as accessible
> science
> writing in the tradition of Arthur C. Clarke's "Profiles
> the Future."
> While somewhere under all that verbiage Broderick seems to
> have a
> basic command of the subject, trust me -- Clarke he ain't.
> Damien Broderick

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