Re: Capitalism, Private Property, etc (was Re: Sweatshops)

From: Travas Gunnell (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 21:57:09 MDT

--- "J. R. Molloy" <> wrote:

> That's an excellent condensed explanation, Mike.
> (Kudos!) You'll never get
> socialists to grok this because their idealism
> conceptualizes humanity as
> something to tailor to the needs of socialism,
> rather than the other way
> around. They don't want a system that serves the
> needs of people; they want
> people to serve the needs of their ideal socialist
> system.
> Stay hungry,
> --J. R.

You have the situation completely reversed. To
reiterate, there are two very different definitions of
socialism. The two are diametrically opposed. The
definition that people are using here (state
socialism, Marxism, Leninism, etc.) does not equate
with anarchism. Reading the appropriate sections of
the FAQ will illuminate you further. Perhaps starting
with the introductory "What is Anarchism" section
would be appropriate.

Oh yeah, as I said in my other post, I'm going to be
away from email for several days, so I won't be
terribly responsive...


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