Re: Capitalism, Private Property, etc (was Re: Sweatshops)

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 18:02:39 MDT

From: "Mark Walker" <>
> My only niggling worry is
> that a socialists would see these acts as entirely different. The one is an
> unjust siphoning of wealth in the interest of the few--the capitalists, the
> other a just siphoning in the interest of all.

That's precisely what's wrong with socialism. It intends to "siphon" wealth
(instead of helping to create wealth) and redistribute it to "all" (read,
constituents who vote socialist) -- even those who contributed nothing... even
luddites who actively oppose the creation of wealth... even those who use
capital to sabotage the system... and especially to those who make careers out
of controlling how others use their own money. In that socialism is quite
egalitarian. It tries to break everyone down to the same level of poverty, in
the name of fairness. Capitalism, in contrast, seeks to give everyone the
opportunity to generate wealth and to *excel*.
Seems to me capitalism = extropy, and socialism = entropy.

--J. R.

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