RE: 2001 Foresight Gathering and theories of the mind

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 16:31:14 MDT

I'm not going to quote the messages because it isn't worth the
time. But Ben Goertzel and Mitchel J. Porter are "pitching"
the concept that Quantum Mechanics is involved in 'consciousness'
or the 'theories of the mind'. I believe a recent paper in
Science has completely disproven the classical 'Penrosian'
perspective in this area because the 'noise' in the mind
far exceeds the quantum mechanical effects.

While I agree with Ben's perspective that "chaos" may have
some influence, it is happening *FAR* above the quantum
level (just as a butterfly flapping its wings is *far*
above the quantum level) -- It is probably at the level of 'mis'-copying
or the subtle influence of 'nearby' neuronal patterns. Until you
come up with some premise for aspects of the 'mind' that ARE *not*
explained by Calvin's Darwinian mating/copying/selection perspective
then, may we *please* presume that normal physics is completely
sufficient without having to delve into the QM realm?

We need an Extropian "bogosity" hurdle that requires individuals
to have a concrete explanation for how something 10 or 20
orders of magnitude less singificant can 'rise' to significance
before the suggestions are taken seriously.


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