Re: Made in China

From: KPJ (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 04:22:17 MDT

It appears as if Hal Finney <> asked:

|Are we supposed to be patriotic? To love our country
|and respect our leaders? To get a lump in our throat
|when we see the flag? I certainly hope you are not
|expecting appeals to Jingoistic patriotism to be
|effective here.

It depends on which moral system you subscribe to.

The Extropian Principles contain a section "Rational Thinking"
which would override any irrational jingoism. If you can prove
rationally that your concept of "country", "leaders", and "flag"
really form a relevant and correct rational system, then I see
no problem with swelling with pride, etc.

But I fail to comprehend how one could do that.

If one, OTOH, do not subscribe to transhumanism/extropianism, then
one can do marvelous irrational thinking, but that would most certainly
form an irrelevant subject for discussion for this list, I presume.

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