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Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 07:04:06 MDT

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> Al Villalobos, <>, writes:
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> I would not want to cast my lot with someone who holds such racist views.

The above publication and others associated (sadly) with the Ludwig
von Mises Institute are run by self-described "paleolibertarians",
following leading libertarian ideologue Murray Rothbard's mood
swing in his last years. AFAICT living paleos are obsessed with
roughly the following:

* The US is always wrong, absolute isolationism is always right
* The North screwed the South, which wasn't as bad as pinko history
  says (and the North was much, much worse)
* Affirmative action and "multiculturalism" are undermining western
* Any possible alliance with cultural conservatives

For reasons I do not understand paleos fawn over wholly inconsistent
cultural conservatives, curmudgeonly kooks, and Pat Buchanan while
castigating mere economic conservatives and culturally liberal
libertarians as handmaidens of the fall, more or less.

So, take anything from the LvMI and related outlets with several
extra grains of salt.


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