Re: Capitalism, Private Property, etc (was Re: Sweatshops)

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 07:07:06 MDT

Travas Gunnell wrote:
> On this list I'm sure I'm in for a volley of assaults,
> but here goes... ;-)
> Regarding the various posts that are essentially
> arguing for (or at least not arguing against)
> sweatshops and the like:
> [put on kevlar vest]
> The REAL problem here is capitalism and private
> property.
> [duck behind blast sheild]
> Now before anyone launches into their pat anti-commie
> diatribes; save them, I'm not a communist, or a
> "socialist" (at least not in the sense of the word
> that you're most likely familliar with), I'm an
> anarchist. Or, to differentiate myself from the
> supposed "anarcho-capitalists", one could say I'm a
> "libertarian socialist". Which is NOT a contradiction
> in terms. For more on this, go here:
> Many people on this list seem to already be aquainted
> with such ideas, but I think that they, for the most
> part, don't understand them fully.

We understand them far better than the poor individuals who wrote that
page. There is an inherend contradiction in socialism in general, which
claims to respect the 'labor theory of value', but does not respect a
laborers right to own and reinvest the fruit of their labor in interest
bearing activities. This failure in socialist theory is the primary
reason why socialism = slavery, far more than a sweatshop ever is.

Whenever Ibring up this point with alleged socialists, anarchists, or
libertarian socialists, they dodge the issue because they know they
cannot resolve the paradox.

Until socialism gives up on its denial of the right of private property,
it will remain a contradiction in terms.

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