Interview with the enemy

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Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 05:19:45 MDT

See:,3604,474332,00.html --
Duncan Campbell talks to John Zerzan.

"It's the effort to understand and do away with every form of domination,
and that involves questioning very basic institutions, including the
division of labour and domestication upon which the whole edifice
of civilisation and technology rests ... If you took away division of
labour and domestication you might have something pretty close to what
obtained for the first two million years of the species, during which
there was leisure time, there was quite a lot of gender equality and
no organised violence - which doesn't sound too bad. They say: 'Oh,
you want to be a caveman.' Well, maybe that's somewhat true."

[Obligatory editorial: Zerzan wanting to be a caveman is fine by
me. His wanting *everyone else* to be cavemen is another matter
entirely -- and it's implicit in his political program, which is
predicated on destroying our technological infrastructure. I don't
know about you, but in my case, I would be dead twice over and
blind in one eye to boot, had modern medical techniques not been
available. Nor can I be sanguine about calls for a return to hunter-
gatherer lifestyles, given that I live on an island with 58 million
other people and a hunter-gatherer carrying capacity of maybe
half a million at most.]

-- Charlie

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