Re: spike's Body, a modern medical enigma

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Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 03:09:32 MDT

At last an explanation!
Yeah, you know, when you find a little old skinny wrinkled asian guy,
he's like 105...

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> >Amazing. So why doesn't Walford look younger, huh? (No effect on
> >epidermis?)
> I always thought Walford looked pretty good for somebody his age.
> He looks better than most of my father's friends, who are several
> years younger.
> CR accentuates wrinkles. The skin is held up by a combination of fat and
> collagen/elastin.
> If you take the fat out, the skin sags more. The reverse of this contributes
> to the
> Asian tendency to look younger - Asian tend to have thicker facial
> subcutaneous fat,
> and so when the elastin weakens with age, there's more left to hold up the
> skin.
> Long-term, the presumption is that it reduces wrinkle development, but that
> takes
> quite a while to kick in. It's been hard to test as mice don't really get
> wrinkles.

John Marlow

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