Re: spike's Body, a modern medical enigma

Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 02:03:41 MDT

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>Amazing. So why doesn't Walford look younger, huh? (No effect on

I always thought Walford looked pretty good for somebody his age.
He looks better than most of my father's friends, who are several
years younger.

CR accentuates wrinkles. The skin is held up by a combination of fat and
If you take the fat out, the skin sags more. The reverse of this contributes
to the
Asian tendency to look younger - Asian tend to have thicker facial
subcutaneous fat,
and so when the elastin weakens with age, there's more left to hold up the
Long-term, the presumption is that it reduces wrinkle development, but that
quite a while to kick in. It's been hard to test as mice don't really get

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