Re: spike's body, a modern medical enema

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 00:27:08 MDT

John Marlow wrote:

> It occurs to me that someone starting out this skinny can't be
> healthy,

You could be right, but how do we measure health?
Is there some objective measure? Medical bills?
Energy level? John come out to E5 and lets foot race
to the top of Mission Peak. First one there shall
be declared healthy. {8-]

> and has no reserves to spare; you get hit with a severe
> illness, you die.

So Ive been told. The worst Ive gotten so far is
tonsilitis. I suppose if I get something severe, its
all over. Can't they give you an IV or something?
What do they do for anorexia victims?

> looking for excuses, the not-skinny jm

You needn't look for an excuse to be not-skinny, John.
Evolution has given humans appetites sufficient to get
us out of our safe warm cave to go out where it is cold
and dangerous to slay some beast. That appetite must
be a strong motivating force indeed. No wonder so
many diets are doomed before they start. A couple
megayears of evolution will not be overturned on a whim.

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