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Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 16:26:01 MDT

Funny how I just happened to be reading the Journal of Libertarian studies
during this thread,

This particular article from the current issue of the journal may shed some
interesting light in support of Mr. Lorrey's position.


Al Villalobos

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Brian D Williams wrote:
> From: Chuck Kuecker <>
> >Agreed. I still think, though, that "child labor" is another hot
> >button, and that many jobs can be safely and ethically done by
> >"children" that are outlawed in this country, jobs that can spell
> >the difference between adequate nutrition and death.
> I don't like the idea of young children being forced to work to
> survive, but even if necessary, they can be treated well, and paid
> a decent wage.
> This is currently not the case.

Just what are the wages vs. the actual local cost of living? If my fifty
cents a day to 'Save the Children' can keep a kid fed, in clothes, and
in school, a couple bucks a day ought to be living high on the hog. 'A
Decent Wage' is very much a relative thing, as Sasha used to rant about.
He knew plenty of Russian programmers who had no trouble living off of
wages a teen-age grocery bagger would sniff at.

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