Re: Made in China

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 15:27:40 MDT wrote:
> wrote:
> > It's a good idea, but why stop there? How about a "Made in Nebraska"
> > store for Nebraskans, and similarly for other states?
> I think it is still being used as an informal indication of quality.
> "Made in Germany" trademarking was initially mandated by the English
> industry, attempting to label the competing products as second-rate
> (which they initially were). Of course this rapidly backfired, when
> the second-rate goods became superior to the original competitors,
> and Made in Germany became a quality brand. Similiar happened to
> "Made in Japan", "Made in Taiwan" and is now happens to "Made in
> China". The association with low-quality extruded polymer is
> currently going away.

Not to K-mart/Walmart shoppers. Lawn chairs extruded with enough plastic
for supporting a Chinese body, but not an adult male american....
especially when warm from the summer sun.

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