DoD's Counterdrug Technology Office Launches Biometrics Catalog

From: Matthew Gaylor (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 11:36:06 MDT


Biometrics Catalog Online

NIJ has teamed with the U.S. Department of Defense's Counterdrug
Technology Development Program Office to launch the online Biometrics
Catalog. Biometrics consist of automated methods for recognizing a
person based on physiological or behavioral characteristics such as
fingerprints, voice patterns, facial recognition, etc.

The catalog provides a single location to find information about
biometric technologies and allows the Biometrics community to share
information about commercial products, development efforts, and
government evaluations. To visit the Biometrics Catalog online,
please go to the following:

You can search in the following categories: Fingerprint, hand
geometry, eye-retinal, eye-iris, facial recognition, speaker, dynamic
signature, multiple biometric, and other types.

I did a sample search on facial recognition and commercially
available products and got these hits.

BioANTS-Face 4/3/01
FaceIt 7/28/00
HNeT Acsys FRS...4/2/01
MindsEye 4/5/01
President 4/2/01

Here's the info for the "President" package:

Modified: 4/2/01 9:01:00 PM
Category: Commercially Available Products
Biometric Type: Facial Recognition
Vendor: Biometrica
Title: President
Description: Biometrica Systems, Inc. supplies facial recognition
technology to casinos worldwide. In addition, their software is used
by law enforcement and other surveillance departments worldwide.
Additional References Related sites: Biometrica Systems, Inc.

Now I'm just going to have to make sure I remember to invest in those
theatrical mask companies...Or I could just celebrate Halloween all
year long.

Regards, Matt-

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