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Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 14:31:08 MDT

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>On Sun, 15 Apr 2001 14:39:56 +0100, J Corbally wrote:
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> >I have no belief in Santa Claus. I'll believe it when evidence=
> >presented for it. Until then I'll lack belief in him.
>Of course Santa Claus exists - as a very persistent meme, rather=
>than as a guy with a weight problem, a house in a cold place and=
>a thing about elves.

Er...I don't remember mentioning memes. Is that what you thought I was
talking about?

>God 'exists' likewise.
>Working out *why* these memes are so persistent is a very useful=
>thing to do. Far more useful than persuading ourselves that just=
>because they don't exist in the way that - say - my car exists,=
>they have no effect on human experience.

What makes you think I believe the existence of the god idea has no effect
on human experience? If you can deduce that from what I wrote, then I
guess I've just invented a new data compression technique, squeezing extraj
meanings into what I thought were pretty straightforward statements.


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