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Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 15:22:16 MDT

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>> Most of this is moot now, given that so many people drink bottle water or
>> filter their water.
> I don't think most filters--like Brita--filter out fluoride. I think
> distilling or reverse osmosis are the only ways to get it out. I don't
> remember where I read that, though. And I don't think all bottled water is
> distilled or put through a reverse osmosis system. Some are just carbon
> filtered.

I'm almost certain _some_ of flouride is removed in filtering just because
it's reactive. (I live in an area where the water is not flouridated

Regarding bottled water, if it hasn't been flouridated to begin with -- as
is the case with almost all spring water, which is the most popular kind of
bottled water -- you would not have to worry.


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