Re: 2001 Prometheus Award finalists, Best [Libertarian Science Fiction] Novel

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Sat Apr 14 2001 - 17:29:02 MDT

At 11:46 AM 4/14/01 -0700, Hal wrote:

>I've been trying to read The Stone Canal, and it's heavy going.

>What's an ILP'er? Who's Dietzgen?

I'm startled at Hal's lack of guess power, not to mention agooglitude.

might be a hint. And ILP is doubtless International Labour Party or
something along those lines.

>What's the SPGB?

Well, surely you won't need to call a friend for that one. Socialist Party
Great Britain.

>Wow! Stirner! Who's Stirner?

I'm quite shocked by this question, and start to wonder if I'm having my
leg pulled. Max Stirner.

>Who's the MPLA?

PLA is always People's Liberation Army. In this case, the Popular Movement
for the Liberation of Angola.

>What is Huambo?

The chief town of inland Angola, where the MPLA frequently fight UNITA (the
Union for Total Independence of Angola).

> -- let me see --" he made a pretence of counting on his fingers
> "-- a split, from a split, from a split, from the Fourth International
> to call *me* a sectarian!"

>Wow, what a put-down. He sure got her, eh? But what's the Fourth
>International? And why would she have called him a sectarian?

The Fourth International is one of the major Trotskyite sects or fractions.
I thought you guys were supposed to be up to the mark on the Red Menace?

The wonderful density of MacLeod's books depends enormously on knowing all
this grimy, repulsive, anguished, bitter, comic stuff. I was never part of
it, of course, but I looked on with amazement as many of my friend's
friends fought demarcation battles over such marxist-leninist theodicies.

>I was in college in the 1970s. I'm the same age as these characters.
>Maybe I didn't hang out with the right people,

You didn't hang about with the left people.

Damien Broderick

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