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From: Dan Fabulich (
Date: Thu Apr 12 2001 - 12:01:26 MDT

Adrian Tymes wrote:

> God is supposed to be infinite.

This game isn't about THAT kind of god. This game is about limited
gods with goals and needs, in particular the need for worship.

The game you want to play is, in fact, available: it's called a
compiler. However, most people find that game pretty boring.

> But, if it's going to get hyped as the best god game out there with no
> limitations, then why limit my desires?

Nobody said you had no limitations. You have a certain interesting
degree of freedom, but no more and no less than that.

> Frankly, if you play any particular level for too long, your
> villages use up all the wood on the island and grow so large that
> you have no choice but to ignore their needs - which the game
> regards as inherently "evil", despite the game's premise that you're
> supposed to be able to be good or evil. (Unless the lesson is that
> the only way to be good is to use people then abandon them to their
> fate ASAP, without caring for their long term prospects so long as
> they're happy and alive when you leave?)

IIRC, the premise is that once you satisfy the requirements for the
level, the people are self-sufficient, so you're ready to move on.


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