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From: Bryan Moss (
Date: Wed Apr 11 2001 - 13:21:55 MDT

There's a look at the making of this game at ZDNet GameSpot,

Below I quote the opening paragraphs, which have nothing to do
with the game but amused me in an odd way,

"Thirty minutes south of London, the Guildford Cathedral
towers over the rolling countryside and dwarfs the rest of
this tiny village. Perched on Stag Hill, a favorite hunting
spot for the King of England in the 1300s, the 70-year-old
cathedral boasts the highest Sunday morning congregation
attendance in all of England. It's a majestic sight, usually
crowned by a golden angel weather vane on the roof. The vane
serves as a beacon, which can be seen for miles on end.

Today, the angel is missing.

Step inside the cathedral, and you can't help but feel as
though you're living in a fairy tale: The church feels out of
place, yet perfectly set on the landscape as though someone
swooped in from above and plopped it down in the middle of a
sea of green grass. Inside, the 15-foot-tall angel is
unearthed, stripped of its gold leaf and ready for regilding.
But there's more: In addition to being restored, the angel
will be retrofitted with a cell phone antenna inside its
hollow core. The local cell phone company, One 2 One Digital,
has agreed to pay for the restoration so that it can put its
5-meter-high antenna inside."

No doubt people will come from miles around to marvel at this
angels miraculous cell phone reception.

As for the game, while I think it would do this burgeoning
medium good to have another title immediately follow The Sims
in garnering public attention, there's a huge barrier to entry
in requiring a relatively high-end graphics card. Computer
and video games have been largely ignored (with the brief
exception of the Siliwood convergence fad), but as far as I
know they're the only digital medium to be both making money
on the Internet and ultimately immune to piracy (when used in
conjunction with streaming content, which cannot be fully
captured due its non-linear nature).


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