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Date: Wed Apr 11 2001 - 09:08:37 MDT

At 06:30 PM 4/10/01, Jim Fehlinger wrote:

>I wrote the above in conjunction with an expression of doubt that
>I have any business being on the Extropians' mailing list [....]
>I've even seen this in **myself**! I was in a meeting at work a few
>years ago at which nobody seemed to be taking the lead and asking
>the pertinent questions, and after listening to this for a few minutes,
>I got up, went to the whiteboard, and took charge (without being
>asked, a **most** uncharacteristic thing for me to do). Afterwards,
>the manager who had nominally been running the meeting came up, **thanked**
>me for taking over, and added something along the lines of "I didn't
>think you had it in you", to which I replied (to myself, at least), well, I
>don't usually **have** to, but **somebody** had to do it this time!
>And it changes your head to be involved in a situation like that --
>alters the wash of neurotransmitters, heightens the testosterone, ramps
>up the neuromodulators, and burnishes up the synapses! Gives a Gamma
>a taste of what it would be like to be a Beta or even an Alpha

Your next assignment, Jim, in your perilous journey to the achievement and
recognition of your latest Alphahood, will be to stand at the mike at the
Extro-5 conference, not once but three times, and *challenge* the
presenters on stage.

Good luck. This recording will self-destruct in five nanoseconds.




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