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Date: Wed Apr 11 2001 - 07:57:32 MDT

>From: "Brian Phillips" <>

>Might you specify the working definition of Agnostic you had
>in mind? (is it all in the "AND" for you?)
> How do you define "Zennist"?

In my definition an agnostic is someone who largely holds the idea
of God to be currently unknowable. As I stated previously, I
believe that we do not know enough about the universe to say with
certainty that a God does not exist. (an error of atheists IMMHO)
Or that if there is, this God is vastly different than what is
taught by the world's religions.

For example, I have a problem with the notion that any intelligent
being would insist on being worshiped. I find it hard to conceive
of an active intelligence would allow 40,000 children a day to
starve to death on this planet.

I realize religions have pat (unacceptable) answers to these

Of course a wise person would simply take Pascal's wager (Blaise,
look it up) and say they believe. Come to think of it, I repent!!

A Zennist is a practitioner of Zen without necessarily being a
buddhist, although there are so many varieties of buddhism I
probably fit into one of them. Essentially the difficulty for me is
the death penalty. I see it as an appropriate punishment.

In buddhist cosmology the universe is intelligent without there
being a central figure.


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