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From: Dan Fabulich (
Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 17:23:31 MDT

Anders Sandberg wrote:

> One thing these god games lack is the creator part. Sure, it is fun to
> build an empire and mess with the lives of mortals. But the real
> pleasure of godhood ought to be the game of creating new worlds.

B&W is NOT missing that. It's designed to be heavily modded, both in
terms of being able to create your own maps as well as creating your
own creatures to use in place of the animals that come with the game.

Molyneux has said in an interview that he's not looking forward to the
point when somebody creates a "person" animal, considering the fact
that the way you train your pet is by stroking or slapping. He
originally started with a person-like creature (male), but everyone
found him too disturbing, and they removed him.

You can put him back in.


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