Re: ECON: "Unsustainable Predictions"

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Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 20:30:22 MDT

On Friday, April 06, 2001 5:43 PM Mark Plus wrote:
> I might add that Sen has one more Nobel Prize in Economics (1998) than we
> do.

I agree with Anders here. This appeal to credentials is merely a logical
fallacy. The truth is not gotten from awards. Of course, one would hope
such awards are given for good, insightful work, but there are no guarantees
and even that does not guarantee that such work will not be overturned.
(Seeing who the Nobel gets awarded to on Peace prizes might be a good guage
of the award's usefulness.:)

Also, as I mentioned a few posts ago, there has been some questioning of
Sen's data and of his reasoning from his data. He seems to choose very
selectively to support his case, ignoring data that do not fit. See "Indian
Development and Poverty: Making Sense of Sen et al." by Shyam J. Kamath in
_Critical Review_ 13(3-4), which is on some newstands now. That's where I
picked up my copy.:) (See for details on the
journal, though the site still has the previous issue up. The site does not
contain the full text of all articles on it.)


Daniel Ust

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