Re: deep grey scanners

Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 14:11:20 MDT

Dale Johnstone wrote:
> Failing that, have you thought about using a non-linear scale and/or a

I've ran into a tip like this today in my hunt for information.
However, I merely wanted to pass on the information to a couple
of worm people. I don't have access to the original micrographs.

> high-pass filter to remove just the (usually redundant) DC
> components? You might get away with regular 8bpp tools without
> a loss of detail then.

How much is lost depends on where the conversion occurs. The original
slides should be imo stored at least in a 16 bit/pixel format, if not
the whole 3x16 RGB hog. I know the human eye can't resolve more than
8 to 9 bits grayscale. But this is going to be used for machine

Thanks for your thoughts.

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