Re : AGING: "Researchers Find Evidence Of Aging System That May Promote Long Life"

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Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 06:14:13 MDT


You wrote:
>I'm not surprised, but am glad to be not surprised, since this confirms my
>suspicion that aging researchers are zeroing in on a very interesting pathway.
>Rather than repeat myself, I'll refer to this post:

Until proven contrary, I maintain my opinion that caloric restriction or
other manipulations of organisms' energy -- such as this research -- slow
down aging by slowing down the rate at which the organism completes its
genetic program. Although this might lead to extensions in human lifespan,
it does not, at the moment, tell us anything about the basic mechanisms of
aging. Finally, caloric restriction in animals (mice and monkeys) leads to
diminished body functions which are undesirable for a normal human being
(for instance, diminished physical abilities).

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